Iowa Chapter Action Programs

The Iowa Chapter has long concerned itself with issues and has actively circulated position statements and other information based upon professional viewpoints, these aimed at the public, government officials on all levels, and the media. Some of the more notable issues over the years included the following:

2001  -  sent letter to NRCS encouraging cooperation between NRCS and state and county entities managing WRP; sent letter to congressional delegation supporting CARA; maintained membership in Iowa Environmental Council and REAP Alliance; provided financial assistance to student chapter member to attend student conclave at Steven’s Point

2000  -  provided advice to the State Forester on Forest Stewardship programs; pledged financial support for a symposium on Iowa's Invasive Plants and Animals, and to the Upper Wapsi Wetland acquisition project; maintained membership in the Iowa Environmental Council and the REAP Alliance; provided financial support to the Student Chapter at ISU to send a student member to the CARA rally in Washington, D.C., and sent a Chapter member to the CARA rally; and participated in Iowa's North American Wetland Conservation Act committee

1999  -  pledged financial support to the International Association Fish and Wildlife Agencies in support of the Conservation And Reinvestment Act through Teaming With Wildlife, to the Iowa Ornithological Union and the Learning Trunks Program, to The Wildlife Society for public awareness of the need for CARA funding, and the The Wildlife Society's pilot program to reduce first-year dues for professionals. Provided a letter of support from the Chapter to the Mississippi Environmental Management Program, maintained membership in the Iowa Environmental Council and the REAP Alliance, Supported the expansion of WRP up to 250,000 acres annually. Developed an updated position statement supporting the Natural Resources Committee as the body with authority for setting game seasons

1998  -  continued support for Teaming With Wildlife legislative effort, water quality improvements through the Iowa Environmental Council and REAP

1997  -  continued support for Iowans for Better Fishing, Teaming With Wildlife, the Iowa Environmental Council, and the REAP Alliance

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In addition to these and other positions on issues, the chapter has also provided financial assistance to the Iowa student chapter in their hosting of the Midwest Wildlife Students Conclave.